Hey guys, this little angel lives in my area and just went through her first round of chemo without her mom by her side because she’s pregnant and can’t be around the radiation. This angel isn’t doing so well so I’m asking to please pray for her. Please reblog to spread this around to get more prayers from everybody. The power of prayer is amazing. Thanks.

Pray for this beautiful angel 🙌😔💗


This is quite possibly definitely my favourite Christmas GIF ever.

From presidential daughter to straight up gangster in 0.2 seconds


Body Cam: Cop Assaults Woman for Not “Rolling Down Her Window All the Way” (Video) | The Free Thought Project 
A Police Officer’s Body Cam captured his severe over reaction on film.
On September 4, 2013, University of Central Florida (UCF) college student Victoria King was pulled over by UCFPD Officer Timothy Isaacs for a minor traffic offense – a bad tail light.
The officer became obsessed and incensed by Ms. King being reluctant to roll down her window “all the way” to receive her bad tail light ticket.
The officer then escalated the traffic stop to violence, breaking out the car window, and charging Ms. King with two felonies and a misdemeanor.
The two felonies have been abandoned by the state attorney.
All the officer had to do was hand the woman her ticket and go on about his revenue collecting. Instead he opted for a power trip.
Instead of simply citing her, he began to require the woman to obey every verbal command he gave, regardless of having a legitimate function to his issuance of the citation.
Orlando criminal defense attorney John Guidry (www.jgcrimlaw.com), sums up the officers command:

“The officer’s command to roll down the window ‘all the way’ does not sound like much of an imposition. But it is an unlawful command, and as such, it is not much different than the officer telling Ms. King to stand on her head. Stand on her head? What possible connection does that have with writing a citation for a broken tail light? Well, it has none, as does the officer’s claim that a partially rolled down window is somehow a safety concern. It is not. The officer’s order was arbitrary, is not for the safety of the officer, and, in fact, serves no purpose whatsoever.
“If Ms. King is accused of ‘resisting an officer’ for her failure to roll down her window fully, Florida Statute 843.02 requires that the officer be engaged in the legal execution of any legal duty. It would appear, then, that before Ms. King is required to obey the order of the officer, the order must be legal from the beginning. Clearly, this officer’s order was illegal, and as such, Ms. King’s charges should be dismissed.”

Here is the body cam footage in its entirety.

OF COURSE, she’s Black.
Cause of COURSE.
Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that. Martin Luther King Jr.A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches (via feellng)

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The Right Wing pro-life platform is completely without worth. 100% useless and used to hide an agenda of aggression, punishment, and vindictiveness, usually towards the most vulnerable.


there are violent members of our society at every level of marginalization, sorry to say. and if your priority is protecting those people instead of actual victims of violent crime (who are usually marginalized as well like obviously) you have a political ideology where your moral compass should be.

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My friend’s chubby puppy likes to sit like this

The most ignored words in the world.